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Serum DEX

About Serum DEX

What is Serum DEX?

Serum is a decentralized exchange ( DEX ) on the Solana blockchain. It benefits from the high transaction speeds and low costs of the Solana blockchain, and most importantly the license-free trading option. The exchange uses an on-chain central limit order book model, in contrast to most other decentralized exchanges that use AMM. Users benefit from this model by choosing the price, size and direction of their trades, and the exchange also serves retail and institutional users. The asset agnostic order book is part of Serum's product line. Users can use the exchange's matching engine to access options, futures, borrowing positions and various financial instruments. Because of its composability, its architecture can be used by a variety of different applications and participants. In addition, it claims not to suffer from the slow transaction speeds and high fees faced by other blockchain exchanges. Finally, its governance tokens make it possible to earn concessions on protocol fees and to participate in voting on exchange governance matters. All fees generated are returned to holders through buy-back and destruction programs, pledged rewards, and ecosystem grants.

Who are the founders of Serum DEX?

The exchange has not disclosed any information about its founders. However, it is backed by multiple expert allies from the Solana ecosystem, including FTX, Alameda Research, and the Solana Foundation. in total, the exchange has raised $120 million (in 8 rounds) from 15 different investors.

When did Serum DEX launch?

Serum launches in August 2020 as one of the first major projects on Solana.

Where is Serum DEX located?

According to information provided by Crunchbase, Serum is based in New York.

Countries with restricted access to Serum DEX

The exchange did not provide any information about the countries with restricted access. According to information on the Internet, the exchange has geo-blocking for some US states, which prevents some users from using the exchange's services via US IP addresses.

List of tokens supported by Serum DEX

Serum DEX supports all SPL tokens on Solana.

What are the fees for Serum DEX?

At the time of this writing, there is no information about fees. The standard fee for decentralized exchanges is typically 0.3%.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on Serum DEX?

The exchange does not offer leveraged or margin trading services.