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About BKEX

What is BKEX?

Founded in 2018, BKEX is a global digital asset financial services platform, focusing on the mining and absorption of high-quality assets, an innovative digital asset international station for global users, providing trading and investment services between multiple digital assets.BKEX has over 8 million registered users in over 100 countries, including Asia, Europe, Latin America and more. It has 1000+ quality cryptocurrency pairs and 100+ crypto derivatives contracts on its shelves. It offers the following products: spot, derivatives (perpetual contracts, crazy contracts, one-click followers, capital guaranteed followers ......) It offers the following products: Spot, Derivatives (Perpetual Contracts, Crazy Contracts, One Click Followers, Capital Protected Followers ), Leveraged ETF Zone, Seed Incubator Pro, OTC, Money Management Services, etc.

Who is the founder of BKEX?

The founder and CEO of BKEX is JM.

When was BKEX founded?

BKEX was founded in June 2018.

Where is BKEX located?

BKEX is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and BKEX intends to have offices in every legal country and territory in the world.

Countries with restricted access to BKEX

BKEX is a global cryptocurrency trading platform with multi-country crypto trading licenses that has always complied with national crypto trading laws and regulations and does not serve countries or regions restricted by cryptocurrency trading services.

What coins does BKEX support?

BKEX supports USDT trading pairs: 700+, BTC trading pairs: 20+, ETH trading pairs: 10+. These include many mainstream tokens such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DYDX, LTC, DOGE, AVAX, MATIC, DOT, etc.

What are the fees for BKEX?

BKEX uses a tiered fee structure based on the Maker and Taker model, where Maker: 0.15%, Taker: 0.2%, with discounts based on the user's VIP1 to VIP12 level, with a minimum discount of 0.035%, and no fees for depositing in BKEX.

What are the advantages of holding BKK?

Discount on handling fees, exclusive customer service, VIP client benefits, offline salon, 7*24 hours service, subscription priority, and BKEX periphery.

Can I use leverage on BKEX?

BKEX permanent contracts support 1-100X leverage, double and multi-position mode, and batch force close. 500X leverage for BKEX crazy contracts, support K-line while placing orders, and 0 funding rate.