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Hotcoin Global

About Hotcoin Global

What is Hotcoin Global?

Hotcoin Global is a digital asset trading platform operating in Australia. The company has two different licenses to operate from AUSTRAC: digital currency trading and foreign exchange. By 2022, the centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) is predicted to have 5 million active users and billions of dollars in daily trading volume.

Who are the founders of Hotcoin Global?

The cryptocurrency exchange is owned by Hotcoin Global exchange Pty Ltd. However, there is very little information about the company online.

When did Hotcoin Global launch?

The platform was launched in 2017.

Where is Hotcoin Global located?

The company is based in Sydney, Australia.

Countries that restrict access to Hotcoin Global

While CoinMarketCap has no way of confirming the number of countries that restrict access to the exchange, the company's terms and conditions indicate that individuals residing in Japan and the US cannot use its services due to regulatory hurdles.

What coins does Hotcoin Global support?

The exchange has 335 cryptocurrencies and 361 marketplaces. While the platform does not offer conversion from fiat or common currency to cryptocurrencies (fiat-on-ramp), users can purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards, or through the exchange's peer-to-peer marketplace.

What are the fees for Hotcoin Global?

Hotcoin Global charges a 0.20% handling fee on all pending and eaten orders.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on Hotcoin Global?

In addition to spot trading, the cryptocurrency exchange offers a variety of advanced trading options for more experienced traders. hotcoin Global can support up to 10x leverage.