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About Fstswap

What is FstSwap?

FstSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for BEP-20 token exchange on the BNB chain. Instead of using an order book, it uses an automated market maker (AMM) model to match liquidity. Traders are matched through the liquidity pool, and the liquidity provider can deposit funds into the pool. As a result, liquidity providers receive LP tokens and a share of the transaction fees based on their LP token holdings. The exchange also offers a liquidity mining program, which allows users to earn native tokens through pledged LP tokens. Different liquidity pools offer different annualized rates of return, although users must be aware of the potential for erratic losses. The exchange's liquidity pools are called the Mining Pool, the Elephant Pool and the Burning Pool. The Mining Pool offers an opportunity to pledge FstSwap's LP tokens and other BEP-20 tokens and receive a reward. The Elephant Pool also pays pledge rewards, while the Burn Pool allows for token destruction. The exchange also provides a detailed blueprint of its growth plans, with plans to finance future token offerings, as well as services such as the NFT ecosystem, personalized user profiles and LP token loans.

Who are the founders of FstSwap?

FstSwap does not reveal any information about its founders. From its two ask-anything (AMA) communities, it can be inferred that its team is based in Asia. The exchange has passed Certik's security audit. In the future, the exchange plans to introduce a DAO governance mechanism, which allows token holders to vote based on the number of pledges of their native tokens.

When will FstSwap launch?

FstSwap launches in April 2022.

Where is FstSwap located?

The exchange did not provide any information about its exact location. The group behind the exchange is likely to be located in Asia, based on information from its ask-anything (AMA) community.

Countries with restricted access to FstSwap

At the time of this writing, there was no information about the countries with restricted access to the exchange.

List of tokens supported by FstSwap

The exchange supports all BEP-20 tokens. Since the exchange is decentralized, new tokens can be shelved on a license-free basis as long as users provide enough liquidity to facilitate transactions.

What are the fees for FstSwap?

At the time of writing, token exchanges charge a 0.30% transaction fee. All transaction fees are allocated back to the AMM liquidity provider.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on FstSwap?

FstSwap does not support leveraged or margin trading.