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Trader Joe (Avalanche)

About Trader Joe (Avalanche)

What is Trader Joe?

Trader Joe is a DeFi platform that offers a variety of features such as token exchange via automated market makers (AMM), liquidity mining, pledging native utility tokens, borrowing and lending on an integrated cryptocurrency marketplace, and NFT marketplace. The platform is built on Avalanche, an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain. It is growing rapidly in 2021 and is quickly becoming an important DEX in the Avalanche ecosystem. The exchange stands out for its convenient user interface and its cheap, fast trading features. In addition, users can provide liquidity and pledge native tokens in its liquidity pool to earn rewards. Its tokens can also be used for governance. Its lending agreement is called Banker Joe, a money market agreement that allows users to borrow and lend funds without giving up the right to manage them. As part of the liquidity mining branch of the program, users can earn additional rewards through transaction fees and tokens. Users can also improve the capital efficiency of their assets and more efficiently utilize capital that may be sitting idle in their wallets. Finally, the Rocket Joe platform can import protocol-owned liquidity for other projects.

Who are the founders of Trader Joe?

The exchange was founded by two unnamed developers, Cryptofish and 0xMurloc. The former is a full-stack and smart contract developer, as well as an initial participant in several Avalanche projects. The latter is a full-stack developer with startup experience, having worked as a senior product lead at Grab. In addition, there are more than 12 other participants working on the marketing and community side of Trader Joe.

When did Trader Joe launch?

The exchange officially launched in June 2021 and quickly generated significant traction, with a lock-in value of up to $4 billion at its peak.

Where is Trader Joe located?

There is no information on Crunchbase about where the exchange is headquartered.

Countries where Trader Joe is restricted

Trader Joe does not provide any information on countries where access is restricted.

List of tokens supported by Trader Joe

The exchange supports a variety of ERC-20 tokens and wrapped tokens such as Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ether through the Avalanche ecosystem.

What are Trader Joe's fees?

Trader Joe charges a 0.3% fee on token exchanges. 0.25% of that is allocated to liquidity providers, and the remaining 0.05% is allocated to pledgers.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on Trader Joe?

At this time, Trader Joe does not offer leveraged trading, but according to the exchange's roadmap, it will introduce such features in the future.