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About KLAYswap

What is KLAYswap?

Klayswap is a complete on-chain instant exchange protocol. It provides an on-chain liquidity pool driven by automated market makers ( AMM ). Its primary value proposition is to provide KCT-type tokens to anyone who wants to become a liquidity provider and earn revenue from transaction fee commissions. The exchange enables token exchange from Ether to the Klaytn ecosystem through its Orbit Bridge, an IBC bridge built on the Orbit chain, which is part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Users can match KLAY-KCT pairs to token contracts created by the exchange pool list to provide liquidity. With LP tokens, they receive a share of the transaction fees generated by the token pair. Any of the tokens listed in the agreement can be used for trading. The price then depends on the number of token trading pairs involved. In addition, its governance tokens allow users to participate in improvement proposals and pay for the creation of KCT token pool contracts. Tokens can be obtained through a process called liquidity mining. A variety of people can participate in the KLAYswap ecosystem, including long-term investors who want to hold cryptocurrencies for the long term, investors who want to earn commissions, miners who want to participate in governance through KSP mining, and more. Token holders can influence the governance of the decentralized exchange and vote on matters such as rates, mining allocations, and deployment of new smart contracts. The token can also be used to pay for the pool creation costs of establishing a new liquidity pool on this exchange.

Who are the founders of KLAYswap?

Because KLAYswap is a trustless on-chain exchange protocol, there is no founder or CEO leading the exchange. Therefore, any individual who wants to participate in the (decentralized and trustless) exchange of tokens between KCT tokens and other standards can participate in its governance.

When did KLAYswap launch?

Klayswap launches in July 2021.

Where is KLAYswap located?

Since the exchange operates in a decentralized manner, it does not have a headquarters.

Countries that restrict access to KLAYswap

At the time of writing, there was no information about countries that restrict access to the exchange.

List of tokens supported by KLAYswap

The exchange supports all tokens that meet the KCT token standard, such as KSP and KLAY.

What are the fees for KLAYswap?

At the time of writing, the token exchange service charges an industry-standard 0.3% pegging and order taking fee. The community reserves the right to change the fees.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on KLAYswap?

Klayswap does not offer leverage or margin trading.