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About SpookySwap

What is SpookySwap?

SpookySwap is a decentralized (DEX) exchange on the Fantom blockchain. The exchange features an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model to provide constant liquidity to traders, allowing them to trade with a liquidity pool. The exchange also serves as a bridge between Fantom and other layer 1 blockchains. The Token Exchange feature allows users to trade tokens using liquidity from the pool. The exchange's fees are below industry standards. Users can also add liquidity and earn exchange fees for the token pairs they receive for providing liquidity. spookySwap has over 18 token pairs and offers the most diverse liquidity mining opportunities on the Fantom blockchain. In addition, a single pledge pool is available, where only a single token needs to be pledged. In this case, users only need to have the platform's native BOO tokens to earn through pledging, instead of LP tokens. This allows them to gain more assets and increase their share of the profits of the revenue tokens. In addition, the exchange also has an NFT collection called Magicats, featuring two mascot cat characters, Grim and Ace. Finally, the exchange also offers bridges to other blockchains such as Ether, BNB Chain, Polygon and Avalanche. Users need to have a wallet and gas tokens from the blockchain they are bridging to. These transactions can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours to process, depending on network connectivity.

Who are the founders of SpookySwap?

The founders of SpookySwap are anonymous, and the exchange always operates in a decentralized manner.

When did SpookySwap launch?

SpookySwap launched in April 2021 and has since been endorsed and supported by the Fantom Foundation and has passed over 50 proposals for its governance tokens.

Where is SpookySwap located?

SpookySwap operates in a decentralized manner and has no single location.

Countries that restrict access to SpookySwap

At the time of this writing, there was no information about the countries that restrict access to the exchange.

List of tokens supported by SpookySwap

The exchange supports the exchange of all Fantom chain tokens.

What are the fees for SpookySwap?

At the time of writing, the exchange charges a 0.2% transaction fee for token exchanges and a 0.22% fee for limit orders. 0.17% of this is returned to the liquidity pool as a fee bonus, and 0.05% is allocated to pledgers. As with other decentralized exchanges, there is no flow of funds to the reserve.

Can I use leverage or margin trading on SpookySwap?

SpookySwap does not offer leverage or margin trading services.