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Sunswap v2

About Sunswap v2

What is Sun?

Sun is a DEX ecosystem on the Tron blockchain. The DEX leverages multiple trading protocols and offers various incentive benefits for traders using the exchange, such as liquidity mining and pledge rewards. The exchange integrates features such as token exchange and stablecoin exchange, and its native utility tokens use a destruction mechanism. This creates a closed ecosystem governed by a DAO and provides a secure exchange environment for the market. Users can choose to use the stablecoin pool for low-slip stablecoin exchanges or earn more lucrative liquidity mining rewards in the governed mining program. The exchange is based on a proprietary AMM that uses a constant product mathematical formula to determine the price of an asset. This ensures that traders have constant liquidity across all trading pairs. Liquidity providers can fill the liquidity pool and earn a share of the transaction fees. The exchange also offers multi-token trading pools to meet the different needs of traders. Pledging native tokens gives you governance rights and allows you to strengthen your rights by locking up your position for a long period of time. The longer the token is pledged, the stronger the reinforcement.

Who are the founders of Sun?

Sun is part of the Tron ecosystem, which was launched by Justin Sun, a veteran cryptocurrency entrepreneur in the industry and from China. Before joining Tron, he worked at XRP and later was involved in the BitTorrent acquisition. Information about the exchange's founder was not disclosed.

When did Sun launch?

The current version of Sun launches in May 2021, following project and infrastructure upgrades. According to the project's white paper, the exchange first launched in September 2020 and was not receiving any capital injection at that time.

Where is Sun located?

The exchange did not provide any information about its team. However, Tron has offices in Beijing and San Francisco.

Countries where Sun is restricted

The exchange did not provide any information about the countries where access is restricted.

List of tokens supported by Sun

The exchange supports all TRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens based on Tron and ethereum.

What are Sun's fees?

At the time of writing, there is no information about fees.

Can I trade on Sun with leverage or margin?

Margin or leverage trading is not available on Sun.