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About Helix

What is Helix?

Helixi is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with unlimited and unrestricted cross-chain crypto assets and perpetual markets. Traders can participate in both the spot and perpetual markets and can use a preemptive order book for stop-loss and take-profit orders. The exchange offers an attractive trading experience with 0 gas fees, low order taking fees, and competitive partial chargebacks for pending orders. The exchange can also transfer assets between the Ether and Cosmos networks, providing a unique marketplace for trading that is not available on other exchanges. Everything on the exchange is done on-chain: from trade execution to order matching, trade settlement, incentive allocation, and more. Key differences from centralized exchanges include: public information storage, including untriggered stop/stop orders in the memory pool. On-chain data is stored in a minimal manner to maintain performance. Only the current state is reflected. Fast block timing to address preemptive trading issues. Execution orders are added to the memory pool and executed upon block confirmation. At the same time, trades occur synchronously. Conversion options allow traders to perform token conversions in seconds for a seamless trading experience. In addition, Helix offers users a 0 gas fee offer. Helix is reportedly one of the fastest growing exchanges in the market.

Who are the founders of Helix?

Helix is built on top of Injective, which was founded by Eric Chen, a cryptographic algorithm researcher and trader for a large cryptocurrency fund. In addition, he is backed by Albert Chon, a Stanford-educated CTO. Prior to founding Injecive, Albert Chon was a software development engineer at Amazon.

When did Helix launch?

Helix launches in September 2022.

Where is Helix located?

Injective, the company behind the Helix decentralized exchange, is based in New York City.

Countries where Helix is restricted

As of this writing, countries where Helix is prohibited include the United States, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Myanmar, China, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Crimea and Sevastopol, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

List of Helix supported tokens

All major cryptocurrencies and the most important ERC-20 tokens can be traded on this exchange.

What are the fees for Helix?

The exchange uses a tiered fee structure based on the number of tokens pledged versus the transaction fees incurred over a 30-day period. In addition, users pay no gas fees and can trade with zero gas fees.

Can I trade with leverage or margin on Helix?

Helix offers up to 20x leverage, depending on the market.