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DODO (Ethereum)

About DODO (Ethereum)

What is Dodo?

Dodo is an ethereum-based decentralized exchange with "active market maker" (a customized version of automated market maker (AMM)) capabilities. Dodo provides a way to issue and trade digital assets on the blockchain. The exchange offers liquidity, both on its own and aggregated on other exchanges. According to its whitepaper, this allows the exchange to offer the best global prices for Web3 assets. Users can exchange different tokens on a license-free basis via market orders or limit orders. Dodo also offers gas-free exchange routing and higher liquidity through professional market makers (zero slippage and no gas fees). In addition to this, there is an NFT marketplace where ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens can be traded. Its liquidity provider program is one way to make money on the exchange, where users can add liquidity to get LP tokens and earn a share of the transaction fees. Another way is mining. Users can mine a single token or add funds to a designated liquidity pool for LP market-making mining. Of course, users can also take out lightning loans or deploy capital in a more efficient way. Finally, the exchange also provides tools for developers to create tokens. Blockchains supported by the exchange include Ether, BNB Chain, Polygon, and OKChain.

Who are the founders of Dodo?

According to information on CrunchBase, Dodo was founded by two Chinese guys, Qi Wang and Shichi Dai. The project raised $5 million from 17 different venture capital firms, including Coinbase ventures, Defiance Capital, and Galaxy Digital.

When did Dodo launch?

Dodo launches in August 2020.

Where is Dodo located?

According to CrunchBase, the exchange is based in Hong Kong.

Countries that restrict access to Dodo

At the time of writing, there was no information about the countries that restrict access to the exchange.

List of tokens supported by Dodo

Dodo has been deployed on almost all EVM-compatible blockchains, such as arbitrrum, optimistic, Avalanche, and Aurora. As a result, the exchange supports many different tokens on all blockchains, including all major tokens, as well as Wrapped Ether and Wrapped Bitcoin.

What are Dodo's fees?

Dodo charges a small usage fee (0.02 ETH) for creating new tokens, but does not provide any information about transaction fees.

Can I trade on Dodo using leverage or margin?

The platform does not currently have margin trading capabilities, but the project's development blueprint states that it will launch a leveraged trading service in 2022.